This HowTo shall solve problems by using Bluetooth USB dongles under Windows XP SP2 (or above) that are officially not supported by the built-in Bluetooth driver. However, most chipsets are produced by the same company using different labels. So most of them are supported. The following instructions should solve this issue for the most devices. Anyway, there may be some devices which will not work with this solution and will still need their proprietary driver.

Getting the MS Bluetooth stack work

  1. deinstall all 3rd party drivers & software
  2. find the *.inf file which contains the 3rd party driver and delete it
  3. now (if the bluetooth dongle is supported by SP2) the generic driver schould be loaded but there will be no "My Bluetooth Places" available in "My Computer" because this is a Widcomm hack to pretend to be plugged in the operating system.
  4. if Windows XP SP2 was properly installed and the driver should not be loaded, deinstall it and reinstall it again!
  5. if Windows XP SP2 was not installed, install it!
  6. now everything should be working

Get unsupported BT devices work with the MS Bluetooth stack

[2005-04] Patrick Kosiol - contact[AT]patrick-kosiol[DOT]de